Corvette Racing to Go Global in 2022  

Corvette Racing celebrates its 24th year with major announcements for the 2022 season. Expanding its schedule for a global tour, the legendary team will eagerly participate in events that are sanctioned by the International Motor Sports Association, which is based in Florida. You'll also see the Corvette Racing drivers participate in the World Endurance Championship, governed by the FIA. With more than a decade of experience behind the wheel, Antonio Garcia will take a leading role in the IMSA events. Jordan Taylor will join him for the races in the GTD-Pro Corvette.

Additionally, Nicky Catsburg will be involved in the long-distance races for the team. Getting behind the wheel of the GTE Pro model, Tommy Miler will be in charge of the WEC events. He will also work with Nick Tandy for these global races. Alexander Sims will be readily available for long-distance runs in the GTE Pro. Both Corvette Racing teams are sponsored by Mobil 1, Michelin, and SiriusXM. Marc Maurini is the head manager of the Corvette Racing teams.

Chevrolet Corvette C8.R Highlights

Engineered for competitive racing, the Chevy Corvette C8.R includes a 5.5-liter engine block that burns gasoline through natural aspiration. A flat-plane crankshaft is a unique component of this V-8 powerhouse, which exploits direction injection. A dry-sump lubrication system precisely distributes motor oil throughout the entire powertrain. Not surprisingly, the eight-cylinder powerplant is mated to a manual transmission system with racing-tuned shifting cycles. This Chevy model is built on an eight-generation platform with some of the best capabilities to date.

In terms of exterior dimensions, the Corvette C8.R has a 107.2-inch wheelbase, 177.4-inch length, 80.7-inch width, and 45.1-inch height. This powerful racing car rides on a front suspension system with adjustable mechanisms and short/long-arm double wishbone and coil-over shock absorbers. Made of durable steel, upper and lower control arms also stabilize the front suspension on this modified Chevy model. Composed of steel, heavy-duty rotors are installed on the C8.R, which is fitted with an anti-locking brake (ABS) system for proper deceleration on the track. The six-piston Monobloc calipers are integrated into the front braking system, and the four-piston calipers are part of the rear brakes. Additionally, the Corvette C8.R rolls on 18-inch racing tires from the renowned Michelin brand.

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