It's not a feature that all automobile manufacturers include in their current models, but Chevrolet utilizes the remote start feature in many vehicles. It's not something that necessarily adds to your vehicle's overall safety or performance. However, Chevrolet's remote start feature can make a big difference in how comfortable your interior is. It can warm up your engine in preparation for your driving, which can be beneficial for your vehicle's longevity. Would you like to know more about how the Chevrolet remote start works? Read on to find out how to utilize this feature if your vehicle comes equipped with it.

Engaging Your Remote Start Function

If you want to start up your vehicle while you are a little ways away from it, you don't have to do much. Make sure you're approximately 200 feet away from your car before trying to start it up. Then, simply press your lock button once. You will then need to hold down your start button until the engine starts up. This should take about five seconds. You can set the fob down as soon as your engine is running properly.

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The temperature that your Chevy is going to come to is determined by how you left your settings. Knowing this, you can set your controls for later in the day if you know that you will be using your remote start. You may have had your heat on that morning when it was chilly, but switching over to your air conditioning before turning off your engine will prepare your vehicle for the hot afternoon sun.

If you're in the market for a new vehicle, we encourage you to come by our dealership. Our sales team can show you which current Chevrolet models come with a remote start feature. We can also show you how the feature works, so you can try it out for yourself before deciding what you want to invest in.

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