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Heroes for Children Overview

No child should ever have to fight cancer, but the reality is that thousands of children in Texas and elsewhere will face cancer in the coming years. The goal of Heroes for Children is to make sure that these children are not fighting their battle alone. They deserve happy memories, all the support in the world, and something to hope for in the future. Families with children battling cancer face not just emotional struggles but also face financial struggles. Heroes for Children was born in 2004 from the minds of two parents whose children battled childhood cancer.

What Heroes for Children Does

Because Larissa Linton and Jenny Lawson both had children who fought cancer, they were uniquely suited to create a non-profit organization that tackles all of the needs that parents like them face during the fight. At the heart of the organization is the idea that it's about the kids at the end of the day. But during the day, parents need help, too. It's a family fight.

As Heroes for Children says, "Don't let cancer mess with our Texas kids!" In order to battle, they came up with a comprehensive list of resources and organization-created events that give families a chance to form a strong peer support group.

Kids meet other kids fighting cancer. Parents meet other parents who are aiding them in the fight. Financial help and social assistance are widely available to families who come to Heroes for Children seeking help. Whether it's getting help just through a talk with your peers, getting financial assistance for intimidating medical bills, or going to fun events where everyone gets to enjoy their time, Heroes for Children is made up of everyday people who want to make a difference. This non-profit and the families who rely on it prove that there is love and light left in the world, as well as a strong will to overcome such obstacles together.

Where You Can Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about Heroes for Children, please visit their website for the information you need and more in-depth perspectives of what they do as an organization to help Texas kids battle cancer.