GM to Replace Chevrolet Express with EVs in 2026  

There have been rumors circulating that Chevy plans to debut their new Express EV line in 2026. It would make it the first electric line of vans from Chevy, and it's expected to be a big hit with businesses and other large organizations. In addition, the Express EV is rumored to have a much longer range than current electric vans on the market. Therefore, it makes it a more practical option for those who need to travel long distances. It's also expected to be more affordable than gas-powered vans, so it's sure to be a popular choice among those looking for an eco-friendly option.

What's new for the Chevrolet Express?

The Chevy Express full-size van has not been updated since 2003, when the nameplate switched to the GMT610 platform. However, its lineage traces back to 1996. The Express has been a staple of GM's fleet lineup.

It is now set to receive a new battery-electric platform redesign.

Details are still sparse, but the move to electric seems like a logical step for the Express. With tightening emissions regulations and the ever-growing popularity of electric vehicles, it makes sense for GM to update its venerable workhorse with a more fuel-efficient powertrain.

There's yet to be an exact date when the new electric Express will hit the market, but we can expect to see it in showrooms in 2026. In the meantime, the current Express is still an excellent option for businesses and families looking for a reliable and affordable full-size van.

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