Chevrolet Spark Discontinued  

It is the end of an era for the Chevy Spark. After much deliberation, GM announced that the Spark would be discontinued after the 2023 model year.

The Spark had been a mainstay of the GM lineup for a decade, but its popularity had dwindled recently. So to focus on more popular and profitable models, GM decided to discontinue Spark.

Workers and fans of the little car will say farewell to the Spark. It has been a part of their lives for the past decade.

The Spark had its share of fans and detractors, but everyone agrees we will miss it.

Saying Goodbye to the Chevy Spark

While the news may surprise some, Chevrolet discontinued the Chevy Spark after the 2022 model year. General Motors is Chevy's parent company. It released a statement announcing that it will officially cease production of the vehicle on August 31st of this year.

The Spark has been on the market since 2013. While it has seen some success, sales have declined in recent years. As a result, GM has decided it's no longer worth investing in the Spark and instead focusing on developing new and improved vehicles.

There are still a few good options for those looking for a small, affordable hatchback. Each one offers its own unique set of features and benefits.

This summer will mark the last models of the Chevy Spark entering production. The final order cycle will occur on June 16th. It is your chance for those looking to buy the latest and greatest in the Spark lineup. Unfortunately, after June 16th, the only way to get your hands on a new Spark will be to find a used one.

There's plenty of speculation about what comes next. GM's production facility in South Korea is terminating the Spark. But where will Changwon turn next? The Chevy Sonic is a strong contender. The Cruze is possible, but it's less popular than the Sonic. The Bolt is a new option but is only available in a few states. So, the question is, what will GM do to try and recapture some of the lost market shares?

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The Chevrolet Spark will no longer be manufactured, according to General Motors. The small car has been in production for years. If you're looking for a small, fuel-efficient vehicle, consider the Chevrolet Sonic or the Honda Civic. Visit our Richardson, TX dealership to learn more about these vehicles.

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