Chevrolet Awarded $165,000 in Scholarships to 2022 HBCU Marketing and Journalism Interns  

Recently, Chevrolet decided to hand out $165,000 in scholars to interns at HBCUs in 2022. These included those studying journalism or marketing.

Chevrolet and College Scholarship

Five marketing students and six journalism students finished a 10-week internship and scholarship program recently with an internship sponsored by Chevrolet. The Chevrolet company recently said that they were happy to help these students and provide them with growth opportunities. These students were able to observe how the Chevy marketing team did their business. The marketing students had many new experiences and were able to work with other big corporations.

They were able to try out the virtual work environments available as well as get first-hand experience in managing their time. They learned about how electric vehicles can help nearby communities and more. The journalism students, in particular, learned about the various forms of news, including digital, broadcast, print, photojournalism, and other skills related to the forms of informing people about new information. These students also go to learn about the Chevy Bolt in person as well.

The program also included learning about many different things about Chevy Bolt vehicles, including the adoption of EV options in general, as well as other information related to the story. Many local communities experienced new things as a result of the Chevy Bolt. Other topics also came up during this experience, including information about Black history as well as New Orleans.

People involved with the program, such as Justin Shaifer and Emmanual Dorvil, talked about the importance of diversity as well as going above and beyond what's expected of them to achieve as much as they possibly can.

It's a way for Chevrolet to give back to the students. This kind of scholarship can go a long way towards allowing these students to increase their opportunities in life and find more possibilities for advancing their careers in these types of fields.

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