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How Often Should I Service My Chevrolet Equinox?

Preventative maintenance for your Chevy Equinox is one of the simplest and most effective ways you can keep your car going as long as possible and avoid more significant problems and headaches. Just by bringing your vehicle in for a few recommended service appointments, you may save money on more costly car repairs later on, and your car will be safer to drive. Additionally, if you are considering selling your vehicle, keeping it maintained can increase its resale price. To know when you'll need to take your car in for service, you can look at the Chevy Equinox maintenance schedule in your owner's manual.

15,000-Mile Service

The first time that your car will need full service is 15,000 miles. However, before this point, you should note that Equinox will have to have its oil changed at 7,500 miles. The Equinox will need regular, repeated oil changes every 7,5000 miles, which means the 15,000-mile service also includes a second oil change. The engine filter is also replaced at 15,000 miles. The Equinox has its tires rotated and filled if needed to the right pressure level.

30,000-Mile Service

Several more services are in store for the Equinox at 30,000 miles. The second full service repeats the oil change and oil filter change for the Chevy. It will have the air filter in the cabin replaced at 30,000 miles, too. The Equinox will have the tires rotated again. The Equinox has its brakes visually inspected at 30,000 miles. The transfer case fluid and automatic transmission fluid will be flushed if your Equinox has all-wheel drive.

60,000-Mile Service

Along with an oil change and oil filter replacement, the Chevy Equinox gets a replacement of the cabin air filter. The tires are rotated and inspected for the correct pressure levels. The brake fluid will be replaced at 60,000 miles, and the evaporative control system will also be inspected. The Equinox will have its spark plugs checked and replaced if needed. The engine drive belts are examined for signs of wear and damage. The battery's power is tested, and the battery is replaced if needed.

90,000-Mile Service

At 90,000 miles, your Equinox has the oil changed again and the engine oil filter replaced. It may also get a replacement of the cabin air filter. The automatic transmission fluid will be changed, along with the power steering fluid. A mechanic will make sure the suspension system and steering components look okay, and your car will get a comprehensive multi-point inspection as well.

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