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If you've ever pulled over to the side of the road with an overheated engine, you know the stress that comes from a situation such as this. Whether you're headed to work or simply out running errands, this isn't something you plan for. Luckily, Reliable Chevrolet is available to provide you with service for your vehicle. We have seen many cars with overheated engines, and we know the most common issues.

Cooling System Checks

It's common for cooling systems to have issues. You need to have a proper amount of coolant inside of your engine to keep the temperature controlled, for starters. We check your coolant level during a multi-point inspection, but something may have caused a leak to occur since then.

Water Pump Temperature Control

The water pump in your engine needs to run entirely if you want coolant to flow where it needs to go. Many vehicles that are overheating come to us with damaged water pumps due to rust and corrosion. This is something you can keep an eye on ahead of time during routine appointments at our service department.

Overheating Radiator

The radiator's job is to keep coolant temperatures regulated while fans provide airflow to the engine. When any of these internal components aren't working because of damage, overheating will occur.

Failing Thermostat

The thermostat in an automobile has a small valve that opens and closes as your vehicle moves. This valve lets coolant pass through when needed. If the valve isn't moving correctly, coolant levels can be thrown off.

Hoses and Belts with Damage

If you've ever looked under your hood, you may have noticed that there are a lot of hoses and belts that contribute to how your engine runs. You can imagine the damage that is incurred to these areas as you accrue more and more mileage. It's ideal for keeping up on these items before they break, but damage can result in overheating.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for your automobile at Reliable Chevrolet in the Richardson area, contact us during business hours for more information. We ask that you don't drive your vehicle any longer until you've spoken with someone regarding the issue. Driving your car when the engine is overheating can cause serious damage that may or may not be fixed.


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